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Posted by shinerealty on May 16, 2020
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In 2015 & 2019, I sold both my management rights businesses through Celine. Every time I thought of selling, Celine was the first agent I thought of. This was because I bought my first MR biz from Celine, she was a thorough professional both during & after the buying-in process. She is also very relatable at all times & very human. We became friends after my first buy because Celine & her husband are just great people to be with, either on the phone or in person. I was very lucky on both my selling experiences, Celine brought many groups through each complex, and both times the first group were the right buyers who also offered the prices I liked. Celine must have sensed that it was more important for me to have the right people to take over, rather than top prices. She screened the buyers, and was very discrete. On the second sale, Celine brought 10 groups of buyers over 3 weekends, but every resident & the 7 committee members were completely taken by surprise when I announced I was under contract to sell my business.

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