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We promptly reply to all phone calls, texts, or emails. No enquiry
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Inspections-inspections-inspections! We conduct inspections with buyers to help them understand and pursue your business.


We pre-qualify your buyers, continually following-up and facilitating the comprehensive sales process from start to end.


Our extensive knowledge, experience, and proactive approach offers our clients guidance, confidence, and the assurance of a No-Crash successful settlement.


We are the pioneer Australian/Asian agency specialising in Management Rights.

Our job is to list, market and, negotiate on behalf of your Management Rights business. These are our three core missions we'll never forget.

We will position your business as the obvious choice for those entering or expanding in this industry.

Get involved with us and enjoy our high level of service that comes from years of sales experience, sales knowledge, and consistent sales success. You will love the result!


After living away from Australia for 10 years, we decided to return in 2008. This was at the time of the worldwide financial crisis. We were facing obstacles to our financial stability and seeking security for our family.

Fortunately for us, a friend introduced us to a business opportunity that would change our lives – Management Rights. It was an easy decision, and after a brief period of consideration, we started our first management rights business.

After a few years of hands-on experience, we felt extremely blessed to be in this business and could see that it would be the ultimate solution for many Asian families migrating to Australia wanting to settle their families here. Management Rights could offer them a secure home and a stable income and lifestyle.

That was when Shine Realty was born. We began drumming up interest by networking with people in our community, advertising in newspapers, and eventually, running seminars utilizing the expertise of bankers, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. At the time, we were focusing our efforts as management rights advocates within the Chinese community. No-one can argue with the fact that we were and are the true pioneers of management rights sales in this area!

Now, after so many years working diligently in the management rights industry, we are honoured, and it gives us great satisfaction, to see that management rights have become one of the top choices of business within the Chinese community.

The industry is continually evolving, yet at Shine Realty we persist with our mission statement –

“Your business is our business – Our promise is to showcase your business at its optimum value to achieve its top worth.”



The trusted specialists

With a long-established history in the management rights industry, we have earned our reputation for integrity and reliability. Our database, both local and international, has an extensive reach that attracts and ensures qualified buyers.

Our marketing strategies

We use traditional and innovative digital marketing methods to reach prospective buyers.

Our selling process

With a comprehensive understanding of the sales process and excellent skills in negotiation, we achieve results!


We communicate using all mediums to keep you updated and informed. An informed seller can make informed decisions.

Updated resources

We are committed to regular internal training and updated resources to ensure that your business is always presented at its best.

We provide information, not complication

We keep our clients informed with regular news updates, various research reports, guides, and blog articles, allowing them to stay on top of key business and industry developments.

Superb end-results

Not only do we give you a great management rights experience, but we go the extra mile to get you a great end-result. Our goal is to maximise your profits, not minimise your losses.

Customer service is our business

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service. When you’re happy, we’re happy, so we work hard for you, every step of the way!


If you’d like to see how we:

  • Assist you to know your unique selling position and your property’s value in today’s market place.
  • Prepare your legal and financial documents for a smooth, crack-free selling experience.
  • Optimise your value to get the highest price.

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