Buyers + 100% Service = Results

The sale of the Management Rights involves analysis of the financial return, the contract conditions and requirements, accountant and solicitor verification, loans,  and many other professional procedures. A part of any mistake could lead to the failure of the transit.

Shine Realty value every opportunity for servicing our clients. Be sure from a professional point of view, from appraisal, ads and internet marketing, newspapers, editorial and seminars, negotiation, and to the settlement.

Our buyers contact us through various channels, Australia or overseas, constitute our buyer database. They will always receive the latest property and industry information that will help them faster and more smoothly to find their ideal properties.

If you are currently a manager of a property, thinking who is the one can truly help you look after all the transit process from the beginning to the end, as well as the most important thing- bring you the results you want, please contact us now.